Nutrition as a natural science of food today is an important and indispensable link in the transfer of scientific knowledge to the general population in order to preserve and improve health. A varied and balanced diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. A diet combined with physical activity can help you achieve your desired body weight, build muscle mass, reduce the risk of injury and chronic disease, and maintain and improve your health status. It should be emphasized that there is no universal diet that will meet the needs and goals of each individual. That is why it is extremely important to individually approach and adjust the diet to gender, age, anthropometric characteristics, type of training and life habits of the individual. Your diet should be balanced, sustainable and created according to your needs and abilities.


  1. Counseling (1 hour) – 40 EUR
  • nutrition analysis – questionnaire, interview
  • BMI and BMR calculation
  • counseling on healthy habits
  • dietary guidelines
  1. Making a menu for 7 days – 75 EUR

Through the interview, a questionnaire is filled out about your current eating habits and what your health status is and what your expectations are. Based on this, a diet plan is made which is a menu with 3-5 meals a day, for a week. Symptoms, allergies, intolerances, health condition, affinities towards food, etc. are taken into account in the creation of the menu.

Types of diet plans:

  • diet plan, supplementation recommendations and monitoring of recreational athletes and athletes from an early age
  • diet plan for pregnant and breastfeeding women and the necessary supplementation
  • diet plan for vegans, vegetarians, macrobiotics, raw foodists
  • child nutrition plan
  • diet plan for menopausal women – customized menu for changes in female hormones in the body and supplementation

3. Online lectures (1 hour) – 40 EUR

  • thematic, educational lectures