Notational analysis

It is always in human nature to strive to be better, faster, stronger. We are driven by the desire to prove ourselves, to succeed, to win. This is especially evident in top level sports, and in sports in general. It is important for every coach that his athletes develop and be as successful as possible, because in the end it is a reflection of his quality. With sports achievements, there is a growing need to record, explain, compare the achieved results, to learn something from them, to use them as feedback in order to achieve even greater progress. In order to be able to compare the results at all, it is necessary to harmonize uniform systems for recording and processing data.

Coaches need the help of objective researchers who note the results of their observations manually or by computer. Notation notes, which take the form of an objective measurement, may include various forms of video analysis in which the processed data are used, after or during the competition. Manual and computer notation systems allow the collection of information about events on the court during the competition, which can be used for various purposes, like analyzing the movement of athletes, evaluating their tactical efficiency / performance, evaluating their technical efficiency / performance or just collecting statistics about the game.

The practical value of performance analysis lies in the fact that well-chosen performance indicators indicate good or bad performance of certain techniques or performances. This helps coaches to spot the strengths and weaknesses of athletes, their performances, and the data facilitates comparative analysis of teams and athletes.

Notation analysis is an objective way of recording performance and performance indicators, allowing for consistent and reliable quantification of key events, and then consequently both quantitative and qualitative feedback that is accurate and objective. Let’s not forget that there is no change in performance without adequate feedback. The Picture Perfect team offers you individual and team notation analysis services. Please fill in the attached consultation questionnaire and detailed agreement on notation analysis services. After receiving the same, members of the Picture Perfect team will contact you as soon as possible.