Diagnostic procedures

  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Basic medical examination
  • Examination in the office of occupational medicine and sports
  • Anthropometric measures are measures of the composition and structure of the body, which include height, weight, ratio of muscle and bone mass and subcutaneous fat. There are various measurement methods that are done by agreement (measurement of skin folds with a caliper, Tanita scales, DEXA method, etc.).
  • Basal metabolism means the minimum level of energy that a person needs to maintain basic biological functions. It is measured with a spiroergometry apparatus at rest.
  • Motor diagnostics includes a variety of models for measuring basic motor skills that include strength, speed, agility, coordination, balance, precision, and flexibility.
  • Spiroergometry is the basic method of measurement and represents the gold standard in determining the aerobic and anaerobic capacities of both athletes and recreational athletes. Without professional and quality diagnostics, it is impossible to plan and program training, whether you are a top athlete or a recreational athlete.

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