Corner for parents

As one of the main rules of the Picture Perfect team is not to do business directly with minors, and we know that sports and exercise in general play a key role in the proper development of a child, we wanted to provide parents with counseling in planning their children’s sports activities.

We work with experts from various fields who have many years of experience in working with children, from sports kindergartens, universal sports schools, clubs, diagnostic procedures and fitness training for various sports to sports psychologists, a team of doctors for prevention and rehabilitation and occupational medicine and sports specialists.

Most parents are troubled by key questions:

  • At what age to interest a child in sports?
  • How to choose a suitable sport for your child?
  • How to make sure that the people who work with the child are professional and competent?
  • How to recognize a specialist who knows how to adapt training to the age, gender and sensitive stages of growth and development of the child?
  • How to choose an adequate office of occupational and sports medicine before getting involved in sports in order to have information about the health status of the child during sports?
  • Appropriate diagnostic procedures that monitor progress through a particular sport!
  • Proper nutrition of children athletes!
  • Adequate child development in the chosen sport!
  • The potential of a child for top sports!
  • How to recognize the need for additional work, for example in the form of fitness training?
  • How to prevent injuries and preserve the health of the child?
  • The importance of sports and physical activity for children with disabilities and developmental difficulties!
  • Choosing sports and physical activity for children with health problems!

We are ready to answer all these or similar questions and help you choose the best one for your child.