How many times have you just started exercising on a program, alone or in a group and found a bunch of excuses for giving up? Or maybe you never did? You made a deal with your friends but they gave up and so did you?

It’s time to go together!

We offer you the possibility of group exercise, but actually individually, in the comfort of your home. The Picture Perfect team is there for encouragement and motivation and to design a challenging and effective training program for you, and you just need to indulge.

The challenges are designed as five-day trainings lasting 30-45 minutes. Additional live programs are possible in which we answer all your questions, resolve doubts together and monitor progress. Join us in the challenge when you want and have time for yourself.

Various challenges will be available to you in our web application The Fit Sanity at certain times of the year that we will promote through social media profiles.

By purchasing, each person has the right to participate in the current challenge that lasts 4-6 weeks (the Picture Perfect team reserves the right to change the duration of the challenge from occasion to occasion, and all information will be known and available when advertising and describing it). In the application The Fit Sanity, you create your profile and answer the questionnaire with the requested information about the username you use on social networks. Namely, our private Instagram profile offers you additional content and daily communication related to the current Challenge.

You can choose between two possible ways to participate in the Challenges:

  • you exercise only for yourself and your activity remains private
  • you practice “publicly” which brings the possibility of entering the prize selection. To clarify a bit, this does not mean that you have to film yourself while exercising but only if you desire to show us the progress you have made through the exercise, visible through the transformation before and after the challenge.

If you choose to participate publicly, you receive instructions that need information about you (kg, cm and a picture in sports equipment) so that they can track your progress and you enter the prize game. You also confirm your consent for the “before and after” images to be posted publicly on social media in the event of entering the final round for the prize. We emphasize that images of an adult or a minor may be published only with the written confirmed consent of a parent or guardian and may not be used for other purposes.

You can do the workouts in the gym or at home with minimal use of easily accessible exercise equipment or completely without equipment.

We can use:

  • exercise mat (replacement is a thicker towel, soft carpet or blanket)
  • set of dumbbells (plastic bottle of desired weight, filled with water or sand)
  • skipping rope
  • resistance bands (if you want a greater effect of exercise)
  • chair, sitting furniture

The best prop in most exercises is your body and adequate performance of exercises with proper breathing technique. Focus on the muscle group performing the exercise. Regular consumption of liquids or homemade isotonic drinks prolongs your endurance. According to the recommendations, 1.5-2 dl of fluid should be taken every 15 minutes during training. It is desirable and recommended to do a short warm-up before training, and after a light stretching exercise. These exercises are also available to you within the app.

Picture Perfect team wishes you a good workout!