Increase of strength

Strength is defined as ability to overcome resistance in the shortest possible time. It represents one of the most important components of motoric skills. Not only it’s important for athlete’s sport performance, but also for recreational athletes during everyday life activities. Increase of strength comes as a result of carefully planned and programed training protocol as well as great effort and desire to achieve mentioned. Strength trainings are designed to create a neuromuscular connection and enough stress to cause muscle adaptations. The main principle of training is based on 3-5 series per exercise with 4-8 sets while taking into account enough break between sets in order to recover the central nervous system (approximately 3 min). During the period of 3-6 months it is possible to achieve significant results, which fortunately do not decline as quickly as they can be improved. To increase strength, besides balanced diet based on carbohydrate we recommend additional supplementation with following supplement: creatine monohydrate, protein drinks, BCAAs, amino acids and supplements with ability to raise testosterone levels and energy in the body.

Body shaping

Body shaping presents changing total body fat and muscle mass relation. The main goal is to achieve desired ratio of muscle mass and non-muscle mass. In another words, the aim is to increase muscle mass while simultaneously decrease body fat. During this process body mass is changing slightly or maintaining the same while the change in body composition is coming from changes in proportions of body fat and muscle mass. As a result of reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass our body gets a completely different look. In order to change your body composition you will need different types of exercises such as strength trainings, but also different types of cardio and HIIT trainings. Following this kind of trainings you will be able to enhance reduction of body fat while increasing muscle mass. During trainings that are focusing on changing body composition we recommend a diet rich in protein (fish, chicken, turkey) and complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.) as well as supplements such as whey protein, L-arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, L-glutamine and creatine. Proper nutrition and adequate supplementation will ensure maximum training effect.

Muscle mass increase

Muscle hypertrophy is one of the main goals of many athletes. This phenomenon occurs due to adequate stress produced in muscle fibers which responds on caused stress by regenerating and thickening so they can withstand another new stress produced during exercise. Therefore, the actual muscle growth is presented as thickening of the muscle. It is extremely important to encourage as much stress as possible through training so that the body and the muscle fibers itself have a greater need for nutrients in order to restore the damaged muscle fibers. For this reason, it is extremely important to regulate your diet before and after training. Before training you should ensure you have enough energy by consuming simple carbohydrates. However many athletes have a problem with ingesting any type of food before exercising since they often experienced bloating and nausea caused by food. One of the options to avoid gut symptoms and starting the training under fuelled is to consume pre-workout supplements to boost their energy levels. After training it’s important to consume adequate amount of carbohydrates and proteins in order to promote fast recovery. Adequate recovery is easier to achieve with quality supplementation that can also provide all the necessary nutrients. Recommended supplementation is focusing mainly on whey protein, dextrose as carbohydrate and amino acids.

Weight loss and definition

Weight loss is a process in which it comes to decrease of body mass and it can be achieved only with adequate nutrition and quality training. The main goal during this process is to achieve calorie deficit, in another words, to consume less calories than you burn. However, weight loss is often accompanied by the term definition, which also represents the loss of extra pounds, but predominantly through the subcutaneous adipose tissue in order to maintain existing muscle mass. The main goal is to reduce subcutaneous adipose tissue in order to make the muscles stand out. In this case, adequate nutrition and precisely planed training program play even bigger role since the main focus is the reduction of the fat tissue while maintaining muscle mass. In this weight loss process it is really important to base your diet on the complex carbohydrates and regular protein intake. Besides that total daily calorie intake should be lower in comparison to the daily energy expenditure. Sometimes a fast-paced lifestyle leads to fast food choices which can definitely disturb the whole process of weight loss. One of the smart solutions for this problem is to plan and prepare your meals in advance. Besides that, in order to ensure an adequate intake of nutrients and calories adequate supplementation can help as well. For instance, protein bars or protein cookies as well as isotonic drinks or protein drinks in combination with fruits can be great example of supplementation combined with quality diet.

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